ARREST true powermetal from Germany


by ARREST Music


The idea of the German Hard and Heavy Rock formation "ARREST" was born on September 1992. It took 2 more years  to make it strongly walking  forward to became a wanted Live Rock act on the local stages.

Honest and straight Hard and Heavy Music made by the original band members Ralf Weber, Frank Doleczik and Alex Weinrauch was the chemistry not influenced by any trend..

The first two Mini-CDs „Fire And Ice“ and „Survivors Of The Game“ were published 1997 / 1998, as well as their first longplay “Incarcerated” was so in 1999. ​Those 2 CDs blow the speakers as well in the US at RADIO AFN – 98.7 and in Germany at HR3

End of 1999, former Singer Jerry Donahue left the band. With the new millenium, Alex made the voice on the demo tape and became  immediately the new lead singer of "ARREST".   ​Also on the drums changes happened. With the new millenium, a new drummer took over the beat. Jerry Müller replaced Norbert Eckert. This new formation should last for then next 19 years, creating albums and release great new tracks like „The difference“. 2024 the journey started new with a new drummer „Max Joachim“ and the new blast of the past album „Reincarnation“. The journey goes on with new songs. Stay tuned…

The "ARREST" line up are :
Alex Weinrauch (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano)
Frank Doleczik (Backing Vocals, Guitars)
Ralf Weber (Backing Vocals, Bass)
Max Joachim (Drums)